Nail Art for Newbies


Recently, your friend made you a bit jealous of her new nail-art. But you loved what your best friend did with her nails. But doubt if you can do it or not. So you finally decided to settle without nail art. Don’t be sad my dear because your bad days are over now. Here are some of the easiest nail art ideas for beginners like you! 

Line Art:


The nail art I am going to tell you first is a child’s play. You don’t believe me right? Let us see then. You can start by applying a base coat first. Choose any shade of your choice. Once it has been dried, use a black sharp marker to draw a line from your finger tip to the cuticle. You can do the same by cutting strips from a cello tape to get the effect. Piece of cake!

Reverse the Classy French:


Sounds a bit complicated. But hey! Its just as easy as the previous one. Paint your nail fully with a color and then swipe a crescent shape accent along the area closest to your cuticle. Tadaa! You are done. 

Glitter the French:


Dazzle your nails by drawing a line with the glitter pen where the nude and white paint meet. Let your nails shine like a Moon. 

Stripe look:


Don’t bother! You don’t need to paint stripes over your polish color yourself. Leave this messy and time-consuming task to a stripping tape. Just use a stripping tape beneath the layer of top coating and get the desired result.



You were always the lover of dotted nails. But the thought of getting a set of dotting tools faded your desire. You don’t need to worry about that now. Just dip the longer end of a bobby pin in your nail paints and dab it on your nails. 

Mark it:


Go get your sharp marker; you can steal it from your little sister though. Consider your nails a canvas and draw whatever you like on your nails with a base coat. Fun and unique nail-art- a perfect amalgam. 

Splattered art:


Apply a base coat on your nails. Get a straw and cut it in half to dip the bottom in the nail polish. Then simply blow through it and create the splattered look on your nail. 

Stony effect:


Paint your nail with your favorite shade. Use a piece of crumbled plastic and paint it with accent color. Just dab it on the nails to get the stone effect.

Double color:


This nail art idea is super-easy and super-beautiful. Use a few strips of tape and two complementary colors. Use a thread to make a boundary if you want. Apply away!

Lace print:

10Take a ripped lace and apply polish using a makeup sponge on the top. Remove and you get a lace inspired nail art. Done within minutes.

I can see the smile on your face! ^_^ Do try these simple and easy designs at home with your friends and family. Don’ forget to share your experience with us.