How to Save Money on Food with Online Food Orders.


While there is no denying that eating at a restaurant with your friends and family is fun, with the busy schedule of modern professionals, it is not always easy to take some time out to enjoy this experience every now and then. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy delicious meals! There are now several food delivery apps which you can use to order best of delicacies right to your home. Apart from saving time, ordering food online also proves cost-efficient and help to save money on food. As a matter of fact, there are several ways in which ordering food online can help you save money. We have listed some of the most popular ones below.

Note down the special offers from food chains

Special OffersA number of food chains now offer exclusive deals on specific days of the week. For instance, in most of the cities, Dominos offers a free pizza on your order on Wednesdays. Similarly, on Friday’s KFC offers a flat discount of 15% when you order for Rs. 450 or more. Note these deals in your city from these popular chains and you can enjoy amazing savings without even doing anything for it. Food delivery services like Foodpanda also offer Foodpanda Coupons with such amazing offers on a regular basis.

Download the mobile app

app storeAnother great way to enjoy maximum discounts is to download the mobile app of your favorite food chain or food delivery service. Turn on the notifications and you’ll start receiving amazing offers on your mobile phone. Every popular food delivery service now has their mobile app which doesn’t just make the whole process of ordering food online easier but also allow you to get unbelievable discounts. For instance, you can download Freshmenu app to get Freshmenu Coupons that can be instantly applied to your order.

Use e-wallets

e-walletsWhen ordering food online, most of the food chains and food delivery apps now offer multiple payment options. You can pay for the food through debit cards, Sodexo coupons, netbanking, pay for it at the time of delivery, or use e-wallets. If savings is what you are looking for, e-wallets are a better option. There are now several e-wallets like Paytm, MobiKwik, PayMoney, etc. which offer cashback and other great offers when you use their wallet to pay for the food that you order online.

How to Save Money on Food? Search for coupons. 

couponsIf you are searching for the simplest and most-effective way to save money when ordering food online, start looking for coupons on the internet. Almost every popular food delivery service now offer promotional coupons and deals which you can use for free to avail amazing discounts and other offers. Swiggy is a popular food delivery service in India. It offers Swiggy Coupons which can be used on its website as well as mobile app to get instant discounts on food orders. Or you can also look for a reliable coupons and deals website to find all the latest coupons from your favorite food chain or delivery service.

Order more than the minimum order value

save money on foodA lot of food chains and food delivery services charge a delivery fee if the order value is below their minimum order value. Make sure that you check the minimum order value and order for more than that value to ensure that you don’t have to pay for the delivery. This too is a simple and quick way to save money on food when ordering food online.

We are sure that you now have another reason- a very big reason- to order food online. Take advantage of all the different tips mentioned above to enjoy the best of delicacies at the best of prices.


  1. Awesome tips! I order food online a lot, so I need to get smarter at it so I can save some money:) I always try to keep it above the minimum order amount by ordering an extra drink so I don’t get charged more, so that’s a really useful tip!


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