Spice Up Your French Manicure


French manicure always gives a classy and unique look. But the same beauty style is quite boring to try over and over again. So why not experiment the combination of class and trend to create a style of your own. Here are a few tips to do the same with French manicure.

Simple yet striking:

Image result for metallic tips in french manicure

Paint your nails with the same nude color. And then add some difference by coloring your tips with a metallic color.

Matte look:

Image result for mate color with shiny paint in french manicure

Paint your nails with a matte color of your choice. And then paint nail-tips with a complementary shiny paint. Doesn’t that look trendy?

One this, one that:

Image result for alternate matte color on nail

Do the same matte trick but this time with two different colors. Apply one on the first nail and other on the second. Repeat it for all your nails and you are done.

Pinkish touch:

Image result for light and dark pink combination in nail art

Paint your nails with light pink nail-polish and then paint the tips with darker shade of pink. Make it look like the color transition from light to dark.

Ring a Ring o’ roses:

Image result for rose stickers with beads in french manicure

Color your nails with the nude color and then put on the rose stickers. You can also stick beads to add dazzle.

Light and glittery combination:

Image result for glittery nail tips

Paint your nails with a light color and then paint the tips with the glitter paint of the same shade. Rare and exclusive!

Twist it:

Image result for Light and glittery combination:combination in nail art

Paint your nails with a shiny color that glitters. And use another color that complements the one you applied on the tips. Easy to do yet stylish to look at.

Paint diagonally:

Image result for diagonal french manicure

Go for a diagonal French manicure. Paint your nail tips diagonally. This will give your French manicure a different look.

Try something black:

Image result for black color on tips french manicure

Paint your nails with nude color. And put on a different French manicure effect by painting your nail tip with a black nail-color. So this time; it’s nude and black instead of nude and white.

Party nails:


Try the glittery and light combination on one nail and then paint the other one with the glitter nail paint you used for your tip. Repeat, repeat and there you go!

Don’t feel sad to try on the same French manicure over and over again. Now, you have ten different styles to enhance the beauty of French manicure.