Freedom Café – Rishikesh’s Charm


Surrounded by beautiful and serene Ganga and Himalayan peaks, Freedom Café is a place to be.

Freedom Café is one of those eatouts that have not lost its charm and have been attracting travelers for a long time. The café’s setting gives you the perfect views of Ganga, Lakshman Jhoola and The Mighty Himalyas.

Freedom CaféThe hippie vibes start coming to you the moment you step into the café. It is one of those typical tree house cafes with woven rustic roof. You can see Tibetan flags along with lanterns hanging on the walls.

The yogi style cushion and communal seating space is something that you’ll find in many Rishikesh cafes but here the experience elevates because of lovely food and peaceful music. You’ll notice people playing musical instruments; you too can join among their group and make some new friends.

Freedom CaféThe food in Freedom Café is average, the menu is typical that you’ll find in most of the cafes of Rishikesh.

Since I was here on a weekend and the restaurant had a huge crowd, I had to suffer the problem of slow service. When you are here, try with Masala Chai and then you can decide by yourself if you have to stay or not. 

The menu has Indian and International cuisine ranging from Daal Makhani to Pasta.

Rating 3 out of 5 (because of poor service)


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