Blame Smart Phones, Not Your Age


In today’s world, everyone is found to be glued to their smart phones. While walking or while talking, the only thing we are used to look at is our smart phones.While doing so, we forget about the damaging effects of excessive usage of smart phones. Let us have a look at some of them only.

Acne in Phone Zone:

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The area from the temple to the chin is known as phone zone. It is prone to “breakouts”. There are germs on the phone which can be transferred onto the skin. To prevent these breakouts, you need to exfoliate your skin and balance the oil content of your skin. You also need to clean your phone regularly to avoid your contact with the germs. You can also have a spot treatment which contains salicylic acid to treat pores and breakouts. It also helps to clean blackheads and whiteheads.

Tech Neck:

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Nowadays, young generation is suffering from the issue of double chins and sagging above collarbone. Exilis Elite can be a solution which tones the skin and increases the cellular production. The treatment is quite safe. You can avoid this tech neck/text neck by holding your phone at the eye level. Lowering your phone and constantly looking down at the screen causes the collagen in the neck to break down, hence, creating the unwanted tech neck.

 Wrinkles Around Eyes and Crow’s Feet:

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Squinting to read from phone can lead to crow’s feet and wrinkles. To avoid this, increase the font size and brightness of the phone. Laser is a popular treatment for resurfacing the wrinkles under the eyes. Belotero is the only fine line filler treatment in the market with is hyaluronic acid. It rehydrates the skin while integrating with the dermal tissues to ensure sooth skin and enhanced facial contour.

Those Fine Lines:

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People don’t usually notice the lines across the bridge of nose and hairline. These lines are generated as a consequence of using technologies. It can be treated by the same treatment which is used for crow’s feet.


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Using the devices and holding them next to the face for a long time can cause the pore size to enlarge and pigmentation to become discolored. Laser treats fine lines, pigmentation and pore refining. Use ‘Clear + Brilliant’ laser which is quite gentle that will refresh your skin from inside out every time. 


As they say, ‘Prevention is better than the cure’. Avoid the excessive usage of smart phones and be gentle to your skin.